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like having a tiiiny IT guy living in your computer. awww

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Be Bigger

Smaller businesses don't have the IT staff and have to hire outside assistance

Large companies have entire departments of IT staff to keep their computers running smoothly. Smaller businesses don't have IT staff and have to hire outside assistance. Get constant updates without the large cost.

Automated Fixes

Regular maintenance of your computer systems means regular costs.

Hiring an outside IT provider costs money. Regular maintenance of your computer systems means regular costs. By automating regular maintenance tasks like Windows updates and antivirus definitions or scans, you get the same protection without the extra cost.

Reduce Costs

Get reduced pricing while on a plan for on-site visits

Automated maintenance isn't perfect. If there is a physical issue with a computer system like a bad hard drive or broken fan, a computer technician will still have to come out to the location to fix it or it needs to be dropped off. Get reduced pricing while on a plan for on-site visits.

Asset Tracking

All of your devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops) information with operating system, memory, hard drive status, etc. - all in one place.

Automated Monitoring

Hacker checks, physical hard drive health, free space checks - all of these give a more-complete picture of what's going on with your systems.

Automated Alerts

Before something goes really wrong, the automated monitoring will check for problems before they become an issue so they can be addressed before your systems fail.

Managed Antivirus

No need to purchase separate licenses for each device with yearly subscription fees or remembering to update the definitions and runs scans regularly. All of that is taken care of for you.

Automated Updates

The operating system and core software like browsers, Flash, and Java gets updated automatically and on a regular basis to keep your system up-to-date and secure.

Mobile Management

Keep data out of the wrong hands! Enable remote wiping, location tracking, call logs and other features on both company-provided mobile devices and employee's own devices.

Web Site Filtering (optional)

Social media usage by employees for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can cut into productive work time. Malicious websites trying to grab data or install viruses and malware can cause system downtime. Block all of it, any time.

Online Backups (optional)

Building fires, theft or hardware failure can cause your business to lose information permanently, even if you have a backup system on-site. Off-site backups allow business critical data to be safe at all times.

Antivirus Only
Pay-as-you-go, no contracts
Available monthly, bi-yearly or yearly

$ 10
per device/mo

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